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Akash is an Indian music composer and Multi-Instrumentalist born and raised in the Netherlands.

He received his first lessons from his father who is a vocalist and harmonium player.

At the age of five he started taking piano lessons in Western music at the Koorenhuis Music Institute in the Hague.

Since his childhood he has been very interested in Indian classical music and next to his piano lessons he also took classes in the field of

Indian Classical music and learned how to play the Tabla, Bansuri, Sarangi and Santoor.


Nowadays he masters a variety of instruments such as the Piano, Guitars, Tabla, Dholak, Sarangi, Santoor, Bansuri and the Cajon to name a few.

While listening to his music it is immediately noticeable how the blend between two musical worlds are perfectly balanced.


Parallel to being a worldwide performing artist Akash runs his own studio and develops his own exclusive Virtual Instruments which give him his signature sound.

He is one of the few multi-instrumentalists who actually compose, record, mix and master their own productions.

In 2015 he worked on an indian virtual instrument library for one of the biggest music software development companies in the

music industry ( Native Instruments GmbH ).

This library is being used by millions of producers all over the world in numerous genres including Bollywood and Hollywood.

Akash Dey Music Bass Guitar Final 1.JPG
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